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Our range at Broad Street DIY includes Plumbing, Timber, Plastering products, Tools, Paint & Decorating materials, Household, Gardening, Electrical & Door Furniture. As well as a variety of services such as key cutting, glass cutting and timber cut to size – in most cases, while you wait.

Calor gas

Calor Gas stockist

Calor Gas Stockist

The first aisle you will find in our store as you walk in is our Household section with a variety of products from brands such as Astonish, Mr Muscle, Cillit Bang & Dettol for your day to day cleaning in kitchens and bathrooms. For the hard to shift problems we sell both caustic soda and Knock Out drain cleaner and for the odd little jobs we sell other household products including grate polish, Brasso, Pledge polish, Pink Stuff & Windolene.


Cleaning products

Cleaning products

There is a great range of brooms in store. You can buy wooden handles and various heads separately or we can build you a complete broom with your choice of head and handle length. We have a varied range that includes soft indoor brushes, stiff yard brushes and the extra wide brush heads. We also stock the popular Harris brand with screw in handles.

The old fashioned wool & string mops are still available in our store as well as galvanised mop buckets but we also stock the more modern style Vileda and Addis mops and plastic mop buckets.

Rotary clothes driers including the popular Brabantia brand as well as the ground spikes and pegs to suit are available or alternatively we have Galvanised line posts and line props, if you want a wooden line prop we can make these while you wait.

Weed killers stocked

Weed killers stocked


Our gardening selection has been expanded recently and continues to grow as more products are introduced such as our new range of garden tools in the Ambassador brand, available with either a PVC handle or a very nice Ash handle.

Weedkiller brands include Roundup, Weedol, Bayer & SBK.

pest control

Pest control

Pest control products are hugely varied with something to get rid of most unwanted creatures from mice, moles, rats & squirrels to smaller critters such as moths, wasps, flies, ants & slugs. Brands include Rentokil, Raid, Big Cheese, Nippon & Little Nipper.
The popular Hozelock fittings and hoses are also found in our gardening aisle as well as ALM products and Miracle Gro fertilisers.


Call in store and look around and remember, if you cannot find what you are looking for please ask a member of staff and they will either help you find it or see if we can order it in for you.


Wide selection of adhesives

Silicones & Adhesives

With thousands of products in store this is only a selection of what we stock.  We have several brands of adhesive and silicones such as Bostik who own brands like Evo-Stik and Araldite as well as stocking Loctite, Gorilla, Uhu and Copydex.


We have a good range of glues for a variety of tasks. Super glue, glues for plastics, glass, metal and leather are all in stock. Araldite is a well known glue and is available in a variety of options from slow precision set to rapid set and also comes in either twin tube or syringe options.

Wood glues

Wood glues

Wood glue is available in both Evo-Stik, Gorilla and Everbuild in a variety of sizes and we also stock Evo-Stik Impact adhesive and Timebond which will bond a variety of surfaces and comes in different size tins and tubes.

PVA glue helps to create a strong bond between two surfaces and can also be used to prepare new plaster as well as a multitude of other uses and we stock this in the popular Unibond brand and also the Supadec brand for a decent lower priced option.

Grip Fill

Grip Fill


Adhesives like Evo-Stik “Sticks Like Sh*t”, Pinkgrip and Gripfill are all-purpose adhesives that will bond a variety of materials. Sticks Like Sh*t for example will bond wood, plastic, brick, metal, stone and many other materials and is stocked in either white or clear. Unibond No More Nails is still hugely popular and is available in both interior and exterior options.


Silicone sealant can be used for a variety of tasks including sealing the gap between baths and showers against the wall and sealing in kitchen sinks. We stock a variety of colours including white, clear, black and brown.  In addition to the basic silicones we also stock Forever White, Forever Clear, 1 hour Shower, Glazing Silicone, Roof & Gutter Sealant, Mirror Mate, Lead Mate and Plumber’s Gold for those specialist jobs. Silicone Remover also available.

Frame Sealant provides a flexible waterproof seal for both door and window frames made of PVC-U, metal or wood and is stocked in both white and brown options.

Decorators Caulk is kept with the silicones in white and magnolia, but is usually used for decorating.