In our plumbing department you will find a great range of products. The main categories are listed below with a brief explanation. With such a vast array of products in store, this is only a selection of what we keep.

Compression, Solder & End Feed Fittings

We keep a comprehensive range of fittings in 8mm 10mm 15mm 22mm & 28mm. The most popular items like elbows and stop ends are sold loose.
15mm 22mm & 28mm Copper tube is available in 1m, 2m & 3m lengths
8mm & 10mm Copper tube is available by the metre or as a 10m reel.


This popular push fit range is available in store with the pipes being sold in a variety of lengths from 1m pieces to 25m reels.  The fittings are all sold loose.

Flexible Tap Connectors

We keep a good range of flexible tap connectors including those with isolation valves and push fit fittings in a variety of lengths.


Our range of gutting includes both round and square ranges. The guttering comes in 2m and 4m lengths, the downpipe comes in 1.5m, 2.5m & 4m lengths and the guttering accessories are all kept in stock – Colours: Grey, black, brown and white. We also stock the mini guttering, ideal for sheds.


32mm and 40mm Wastepipe and Fittings in white, grey & black.
Pipe available in 1m, 2m & 3m lengths.
All accessories for the Wastepipe are in stock including elbows, straights and pipe clips. We also stock Solvent Weld pipe and accessories in white.

Toilet Accessories

A full range of toilet fittings for repair and maintenance, including valves, syphons, toilet seats, pan connectors, cisterns, toilet handles and toilet roll holders to name but a few.

Shower & Bath Accessories

Shower heads, hoses, bath mats, towel rails, towel rings, extension poles, riser rails and more.

plumbingPlumbing Accessories & Tools

Solder, flux, Fernox, sludge remover, blow torches, Plumber’s Mait, pipe cutters, radiator keys, PTFE tape, washers, basin wrenches and many other tools for plumbing.