Hand Tools

This is just a selection of the hand tools that are available in store. Call in and have a look around. Popular items are also available at our Landscaping yard situated around the corner from the main store, down Factory Lane. Brands stocked include Draper, Stanley, Irwin, Marshall Town, Ragni, Worldwide, RST, Bahco and Everbuild.

Allan Keys

Allan Key sets available in Metric, Imperial and Torx sets.

Axes and Mauls

Long and short handled axes and mauls with a choice of wooden or fibre glass shafts.


Wood chisels are available individually or in sets.


Crowbars and Pry Bars stocked in different brands including Roughneck.

Files and File Sets

Individual files, file sets, needle files and Draper rasp files are all stocked in our tool aisle.

Clamps & Vices

Clamps in a range of sizes including bar/sash clamps from 150mm. Bench vices also in stock.


Pein hammers, Claw hammers, Lump hammers, Rubber mallets & Sledge hammers from a variety of brands including Stanley are also available with wooden or fibreglass shafts.

Hand Drills

Old fashioned hand drill available in the popular Worldwide brand.

Knives and Spare Blades

A great range of knives including disposable knives and fixed blade knives from Stanley, Supatool & Irwin.

Marking Gauges & Woodworking

Marking gauges from Worldwide as well as many other wood working products such as Draper wood carving sets.


Draper planes stocked in store including multi rasp planes and block planes.


Long nose, waterpump, side cutting, combination and crimping pliers from Draper.


At Broad Street DIY we have a great range of saws for cutting a variety of materials including wood, plasterboard and metal in brands such as Irwin, Stanley, Bahco as well as a laminate saw from Spear & Jackson.

Screwdrivers & Bits

Individual and sets of screwdrivers including pozi, slotted, ratchet, precision, electrical screwdrivers and bradawls. Dewalt & Stanley pozi bits also available in different sizes.

Soldering Irons

We stock soldering irons and solder from Draper.


We keep a range of individual spanners and spanner sets in store in the Silverline brand.

Spirit Levels

Our range of spirit levels include DIY ranges from Silverline and professional ranges from Stabila and Stanley.

Squares, Bevels, Chalk Lines and Pencils

We have a range of chalk line, brick line, line pins, combination squares and carpenter’s pencils.

Staple Guns and Rivet Guns

Our store has a range of Arrow staple guns with staples to suit. Rivet guns and pop rivets are also in stock.

Tape Measures & Rules

Down our tool aisle we have tape measures in a variety of sizes from brands like Stanley and RST as well as Supatool 5m tapes situated on all our till counters. Tapes range from 3m to 50m.

Tiling Tools

We have a good range of tiling products from Vitrex, TileRite and Worldwide including grout floats, adhesive trowels, glass cutters & tile trim.

Tool Boxes and Tool Storage

Also in our tool aisle we have a great range of tool boxes from the small individual compartment types from Stanley to the large multi-purpose tool boxes.

Trowels, Floats and Hawks

We have a great  range of building tools in stock including brick trowels, floats and plastering hawks from RST, Globe Master and Worldwide as well as the professional Marshall Town & Ragni ranges.

Power Tools

Most of our power tools are in the Supatool brand catering towards our home DIYers but we also stock a selection of Black & Decker power tools.  Products available include jigsaws, orbital sanders, detail sanders, palm sanders, hot air guns, angle grinders, circular saws, hammer drills, cordless drills and planers.

Power Tool Accessories

In store we have a great range of power tool accessories including drill bits for metal, wood and tile. Other products include sanding sheets, jigsaw blades, planer blades, router bit sets and much more.  and Worldwide including grout floats, adhesive trowels, glass cutters & tile trim.