We keep a wide range of plastering products in stock to get your walls and ceilings looking smooth and finished.

Plaster Boards

2400x1200x12.5mm standard, 2400x1200x9.5mm standard, 1800x900x12.5mm standard, 1800x900x9.5mm standard, 1800x900x12.5 vapour (foil-back) board, 2400x1200x12.5mm fire-resistant (pink) board, 2400x1200x12.5mm moisture resistant (green) board.

Plaster Bags

25kg multi finish, 25kg bonding coat, 25kg drywall adhesive, 7lb multi finish, 7lb bonding coat, 7lb drywall adhesive, 7.5kg one coat plaster, 12.5kg joint filler, 5kg joint + filler compound.

Plaster Beads

Mini mesh board beads, solid board bead, angle stop bead, arch bead, skim stop bead, angle bead, bell bead.

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